Santa Rosa Junior College is selling off some surplus equipment on Ebay. The sale is being conducted by Interscholastic Trading Company.

Tom Bosma, purchasing director for the JC, said the Ebay auctions have proven a boon for the college to clear out warehouse space and get somewhere between 50-80 percent of the sale price for many items.

“So far, it’s been working pretty well, clearing things out out of the warehouse,” he said.

When the school relied on an auctioneer to come and run a sale, the school had run a deficit many times counting, Bosma said. That doesn’t happen with the online sales, which began this last school year.

Among the items for sale are:

Lab equipment

Printing equipment


Computer monitors

Sewing equipment

Arts/crafts equipment

School surplus items

Shop equipment

Camera and sound equipment

Descriptions of the items can be found at after Friday. The auction ends Aug. 7.

For more information, email InterSchola at and reference a particular item. For general questions about the auction, email