UPDATE:  At the Santa Rosa City School Board meeting Wednesday night, the board honored retiring teachers and staff. The list of those retiring was updated from a previously published list. Here is the updated version:


When the school year ends later this month, Santa Rosa City Schools will say goodbye to more than just the class of 2011. It will bid adieu to 50 staffers who have contributed nearly 1,150 years to the district (for you math majors, I did some rounding in the tenures listed below).

The job titles listed represent the final position held by the staffer, so when looking at, say Pam Devlin, it may say simply “Maria Carrillo, teacher” but what you can read between the lines are stints at Santa Rosa Middle School (back when it was Santa Rosa Junior High), Santa Rosa High, the principal’s post when Carrillo opened in 1996, a move to assistant superintendent…you get the picture.

There are some quality names on this list. Check them out:

Linda Anderson, Elsie Allen High, technician: 16 years

Stephanie Bigham, state and federal, program acct tech: 15 years

Janyce Bodeson, Santa Rosa High, teacher, 19 years

Lois Brown, special education asst., 7 years

Cheryl Ann Cardoza, Elsie Allen High, teacher: 34 years

Jeanne Carey, Slater Middle, special ed asst.: 23 years

Kathyrn Carlsen, curriculum and instruction dir.: 23 years

Maria Davila-Verhein, Montgomery High, teacher: 28 years

Hannah DeRousseau, Rincon Valley Middle, teacher: 24 years

Pam Devlin, Maria Carrillo High, teacher: 30 years

Debbie Eggleston, human resources tech.: 21 years

Judith Ehret-Straesser, teacher, Elsie Allen, 17 years

Sonja Erickson, Maria Carrillo High, teacher: 27 years

Greg Espinoza, asst. superintendent: 35 years

Ellen Friedman, Slater Middle, teacher: 33 years

Claudine Gans-Rugebregt, Maria Carrillo High, teacher: 13 years

Harriet Gray, Santa Rosa High, principal: 39 years

Mary Beth Halsey, Maria Carrillo High, Principal: 24 years

Pamela Harman, Steele Lane, teacher, 16 years

Lenny Higgins, maintenance tech: 26 years

Patty Hlinka, Proctor Terrace, teacher: 36 years

Winnie Hogoboom, Biella Elementary, principal: 38 years

Donna Hokanson, nutrition services, purchasing asst.: 16 years

Drew Jackson, Brook Hill Elementary, teacher: 15 years

Linda Katlarz, Slater Middle School, food services: 21 years

Barry Kelly, Steele Lane Elementary, principal: 6 years

Karen Kendall, Slater Middle, teacher: 38 years

Susan Kiraly, Hidden Valley Elementary, teacher: 15 years

Lloyd Laub, Maria Carrillo High, teacher: 20 years

Lynn Mattison, administrative secretary, 33 years

Dennis McCarty, Comstock Middle, teacher: 35 years

Signe Minuskin, Steele Lane Elementary, secretary: 11 years

Patrick Murphy, Slater Middle, custodian: 33 years

Gloria Naisbitt, Santa Rosa High School, teacher: 11 years

Kathy Noguchi, Lincoln Elementary, teacher 11 years

Keith Olsen, home and hospital, teacher: 15 years

June Otto, special services, speech counselor: 22 years

Letrice Patterson, Slater, counselor, 38 years

Marlyn Peterson, Proctor Terrace Elementary, teacher: 17 years

Darlene Pullen, Santa Rosa High School, teacher: 16 years

Melvin Sandholm, Cook Middle School, teacher: 24 years

John Rugebregt, Maria Carrillo High, teacher 13 years

Menzi Shank, Biella Elementary, secretary: 31 years

Katherine Simmie, Biella, teacher: 25 years

Theodore Tenbroeck, Cook Middle, teacher: 27 years

Monica Thompson, Steele Lane, 25 years

Chester Tileston, maintenance and operations, technician: 35 years

Minoo Tipton, Santa Rosa Middle, food services: 16 years

Cathy Urbanus, Lincoln Elementary, teacher: 17 years

Linda Walker, Cook Middle, technician: 29 years