Jamie Dorn-Caruso’s voice has greeted the Montgomery Vikings’ campus every day her senior year. As co-president of the school’s Green Team, she has given tips and admonishments to her fellow students to remember to recycle, reuse and think green while on the Hahman Drive campus.

The group led a massive trash audit to show students what they are throwing away and how to better manage their own waste (read a story about that audit here: http://bit.ly/jMasg2 )

“We are trying to make people aware of recycling, to make a statement,” she said.

Dorn-Caruso also makes a statement with her work ethic.

A top ranked badminton player for the Vikings, Dorn-Caruso also puts in 15-20 hours a week at her job at In-N-Out Burger in Santa Rosa.

She loves it, she said.

“I love working there, it’s its own social environment,” she said.

As graduation day approaches, Dorn-Caruso has mixed emotions. She’s headed to Butte Community College where she hopes to keep playing badminton and possibly continue with her flute playing. Eventually she’d like to study nursing or premed at UC Davis.

Right now, she is just navigating the mess of emotions that have overtaken her as her final days in Viking red wind down.

“I think that I’m overwhelmed with a bunch of emotions,” she said.

“I am going to miss all the teachers who have put in a lot of work to help me get where I am,” she said.

And her friends?

“Thank goodness for Skype,” she said.