Getting the word out about the change in rules regarding whooping cough vaccinations for seventh through 12th graders beginning this school year isn’t the only problem facing schools and school districts, according to Geyserville Superintendent Joe Carnation.

Many of his families know about the new law that requires all seventh through 12th graders to show proof of a whooping cough (or pertussis) booster by the time school starts. If they don’t have proof, they don’t walk through the doors.

Carnation said many of his families are not insured and cannot afford the shot.

He predicts some level of chaos on the first day of school when many students are likely to be turned away.

“We are looking at our population and saying ‘How many of our parents have the ability and insurance to pay for that?’” he said.  “We are afraid that we are going to be inundated at the start of school and we’re going to have to send them away.”

“I think it’s going be mainly a financial issue for them,” he said.

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