Cobb Mountain Elementary School celebrated a quarter-century of homegrown goodies Saturday at their annual Harvest Festival.

The annual event typically has food, live music, art displays, fundraisers and crafts, but this year’s celebration had a particular focus on the 25-year-old school garden at Cobb Mountain Elementary.

Students last week visited the first annual National Heirloom Exposition at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds last week where more than 4,000 visitors enjoyed giant pumpkins, mini goats, roosters, live bluegrass, and yes – produce. Four classes of students hosted a booth at the festival, showing off what was grown at the school garden.

On Saturday, the folks from Cobb Mountain school garden club celebrated their success in growing goods that now make their way to the school cafeteria. The school also serves other local produce from around Lake County, according to even organizer Cindy Leonard.

The school has partnered with Health Leadership Network of Lake County, the local Master Gardeners group, 4-H, Junior Master Gardeners, Boy Scouts of America and others.

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