Veteran Santa Rosa School Board member Frank Pugh is the Pacific Region nominee for a spot on the National School Boards Association board of directors. Pugh, who is as yet running unopposed, would represent school board members and their state associations in California, Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, Utah and Hawaii.

“It’s the most diverse region in the United States,” Pugh said.

The deadline for others to join the race is Feb.24, according to Lisa Bartusek, associate executive director for the NSBA state association and school board leadership services.

Pugh said the group is tasked with lobbying on national issues such as Common Core implementation as well as the re-authorization of No Child Left Behind, in whatever guise that may come.

As a whole, the NSBA represents more than 90,000 school board members serving 50 million students, Pugh said.

The election is scheduled for April 20 in Boston.

If elected, Pugh would serve a three year term.