UPDATE: An alert reader notes that I did not include two names on the all-state band lineup. My apologies. The names have been added to the list below.


Nine Sonoma County high school musicians have been named all-state honor band members by the California Band Directors Association.

If you see these folks around, give them a high five:

Ryan Anderson, Maria Carrillo High, French horn

Kipp Brewer, Montgomery High, trumpet

Tristan Collinsworth, Santa Rosa High, bassoon

Hannah Dyslin, Maria Carrillo High, piccolo

Megumi Hallberg, Casa Grande High, bb sop clarinet

Brian Sittner, Casa Grande High, bassoon

Clayton Stahnke, Casa Grande High, tuba

Andrew Strachan, Maria Carrillo High, alto sax

Tiffany Wei, Maria Carrillo High, bb sop clarinet

For more information, click here: http://www.cbda.org/