In anticipation of opening this fall, the Santa Rosa School Board is poised to bestow a name on its nascent online high school.

In a nod to the school’s potential clientele, the district sponsored an online survey to collect potential names in advance of tonight’s regular boarding during which a vote is expected.

A total of 58 suggestions are included in the board packet. Some highlights (this is a completely biased list):

Crimson Shadows

Vincent Carter Vitual (sic) High School


I’m not sure if Will Rogers has a local connection, but the deceased Hollywood cowboy and quipster got a whopping nine votes.

Some of the suggestions have been taken: Santa Rosa, Sonoma, Technology. Some of the suggestions I can see the board going for: New Connections Digital High School, Technet High School, Digital Bridge High School or Santa Rosa Connection School.

My personal favorite? “High School of Eucational (sic) fun.”

The board is slated to vote on the name on Wednesday. Stay tuned.