UPDATE: While it’s too late to cast a vote for BLUE EYES HIGH SCHOOL, Santa Rosa City Schools is hosting an ongoing online survey in which participants can choose between three finalists for a name for its new online high school slated to open in the fall. Care to cast a vote? Click here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/QJHZT3F


Avid ExtraCredit readers might be wondering what the Santa Rosa School Board ended up naming their new online high school which is slated to open in the fall.

The board, working with some real gems that came in as a result of a survey asking interested folks to weigh in on potential names, chose to ponder the following three for another two weeks:

Santa Rosa Digital Bridge High School

Santa Rosa Online High School

Santa Rosa Virtual Technology High School

Again, avid readers might notice that my personal favorite “High School of Eucational (sic) fun,” did not make the cut. Nor did BLUE EYES HIGH SCHOOL or crimson shadows. Pity.

As discussion of the item concluded (at the end of a rather long Wednesday night board meeting), Board President Larry Haenel noted that the debate hasn’t even taken into account talk of mascots or colors.

“We’re not going to name the mascot are we? The rattlesnakes or bulldogs or anything,” he said.