Waugh School District is thanking supporters for $50,000 infusion to pay for technology improvements at Meadow and Corona Creek elementary schools.

The Petaluma Educational Foundation gave Major Impact grants of $12,500 for each school and those amounts were matched by the Waugh Investments in Student Excellence Foundation so both schools got $25,000 each.

With the money, the campuses are being equipped with interactive projectors, document cameras and iPads, said Superintendent Bob Cmelak.

One of the pieces of equipment allows a teacher to see in real time which students are getting the correct answer on question done individually at desks and what percentage of the class are understanding the concept of the lesson, he said.

“A push of the button graphs exactly how the kids are doing on that subject,” he said. “It’s more engaging and it helps kids meet the standards.”

“For somebody, now, to give you that money when budgets are this tight…this is a huge help,” he said.