Luther Burbank Elementary School sixth grader Ana Serrano is Santa Rosa City Schools’ student of the month for April.

Serrano, who has been a Burbank student since kindergarten, has been a stellar student and active in loads of campus activities in her career there.

“Ana’s intuitive understanding of her peers and teachers has blessed her with a quirky, adult-sized sense of humor, that never fails to put a smile on my face,” according to Guy Cottle, Serrano’s fourth grade teacher.

Serrano is lauded for her focus, work ethic, desire to be part of the school community, and empathy for everyone.

Her sixth grade teacher, Debbi Crapeau, said of Serrano: “Ana is one of those students you wish you could clone. She is sweet, intelligent, willing to take risks and above all full of integrity. She is a top math student who is always willing to tutor others by walking them through the steps of whatever process we are doing.”

David Heaney, Serrano’s third grade teacher said Ana is a “shining star of effort and motivation.”

Serrano hopes to become an orthodontist or an obstetrician.