Normally, I would not print a thank you letter verbatim in ExtraCredit, but this one comes under atypical circumstances. So here it is in full:


April 30, 2012

 Dear Petaluma,

 The passing of one of our beloved teachers, Kim Conover, was devastating to our Meadow family and to our community.  This tragedy touched the lives of many, and we are working hard to take small steps forward toward recovery.  In a time of such deep and unexpected loss we found comfort in the blanket that was placed around us in this time of need. 

 Words cannot express the feelings we have experienced at our school, and we have only been able to function due to the kindness of our community.  We wish we had the time to write each person and business who helped these past weeks a personal note, but we are hoping that this note will convey the depth of our thanks. 

 We were showered with love in the shape of hugs, cards, flowers, cookies, bagels, scones, candy, lunch, and flowers.  We have been overwhelmed with the outpouring of compassion, and we are forever in debt to our community for the substantial support we have received.  Petaluma is a strong village that has warm and loving arms.   

 We hope we have not missed anyone, but we would like to extend thanks to the following:

 St. Vincent’s School               Cordoza’s Deli            Waugh PTA   

Old Adobe School District     Amy’s Kitchen            Bijoux Bakery

Lombardi’s Deli                      Mister McGoo’s          River Town Business BNI Chapter

Chinatown Restaurant                        Mary’s Pizza               Project Linus

Sift Cupcakes                          G&G Market               Petaluma Police Chaplains

Hospice of Petaluma               Pastor Kellgren           Pastor Hunt    

Paws (Paws as Loving Support Assistance Dogs)        Supervisor David Rabbitt 

Don Ponchos                           Tee Jay Lowe              Athletic Edge

Sonoma Marin Landscape      Mr. Pickles                 

The MANY parents and neighbors who stepped up in large and small ways, who sent flowers, baked goods, provided lunches and hugs. 

 In Kim’s 12 years at Meadow she touched the lives of many students, and in doing so, made a difference in the world.  She reached out to students and loved them, always with her radiant smile.  Meadow has always been a magical place because of our children, parents, teachers and community at large, but this week, it grew into something much bigger.  It reminds us that good ultimately prevails, and that the human heart has an immense capacity to love and heal. 

 With deepest gratitude,

 Melissa Becker, Principal

Bob Cmelek, Superintendent

Fred Stohl, Board President

Meadow School Teachers and Support Staff