UPDATE: The Santa Rosa School Board included the annual scholarship totals on Wednesday night’s regular agenda three weeks after it originally appeared after Trustee Bill Carle asked for the item to come back for discussion. (A correction to Piner’s totals, made by district staff, has been changed below.)

Carle raised concern that the numbers are out of whack.

“Santa Rosa is off the charts up,” he said. “What are we doing at Santa Rosa to get $2 million dollars of education help for kids that we are not doing at Maria Carrillo, Montgomery, Piner and Elsie Allen?”

“Stuff is going on there that isn’t going on at other schools,” he said.

“I don’t have any silver bullets, I don’t have any answers, but it was a striking report that suggests that we ought to dig a little deeper,” he said.


Around this time of year every year, Santa Rosa City Schools releases its compilation of scholarship dollars received by the district’s high school seniors.

The district breaks out Pell/basic grants, University/Scholarship awards and individual scholarships. The following is a list of totals:

Elsie Allen, 205 grads, $188,017 among 40 students

Maria Carrillo, 340 grads, $706,822 between 63 students

Montgomery, 340 grads, $201,700 between 43 students

Piner, 212 grads, $255,030 between 25 students

Santa Rosa, 476 grads, $2,203,357 between 165 students

Ridgway, 85 grads, $8,450 between 22 students.

Cal Grants were given in the following amounts:

Elsie Allen, 35 awards with an average award amount of $2,407

Maria Carrillo, 3 awards with an average award amount of $9,536

Montgomery, 11 awards with an average award amount of $7,436

Piner, 1 award with an award amount of $1,000

Ridgway, no awards

Santa Rosa, 9 awards with an average award amount of $8,269