In a twist on your average pumpkin patch visit, Meadow School in Petaluma is offering an adopt-a-pumpkin program from its new(ish) organic school garden.

But you might want to move fast.

Already, many of the gourds (ornamental squash, sugar pumpkins, field pumpkins and French pumpkins) have already been adopted for a fee ranging from $5 to $25. All funds will go toward maintaining the school’s gardening program, according to Ralph Scott, stepfather to two Meadow students and an avid garden docent.

“In less than 12 months this has gone from an idea, a cocktail napkin sketch if you will, to this,” he said. “It speaks toward the spirit of what (principal) Melissa Becker has been trying to forge with this venture.”

So far, the garden has been run on donations and grants, but the folks at Meadow would like to see it become self-sustaining. The adopt-a-pumpkin program hopes to pull in $300, Scott said.

To see the available pumpkins (and more interestingly) read their profiles, click here:

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