Santa Rosa City Schools has released its annual attendance rates for 2011-12, tallied by school.

Here is are the average rates of absenteeism (ranked highest to lowest) on each campus:


Brook Hill, 5 percent

Steele Lane, 4.94 percent

Doyle Park, 4.71 percent

Monroe, 4.57 percent

Lincoln, 4.24 percent

Biella, 3.91 percent

Burbank, 3.46 percent

Hidden Valley Satellite, 3.37 percent

Helen Lehman, 3.31 percent

Hidden Valley, 3.28 percent

Proctor Terrace, 3.17 percent



Cook Middle School, 6.79 percent

Comstock, 5.59 percent

Santa Rosa, 5.17 percent

Slater, 5.08 percent

Rincon Valley, 3.39 percent



Elsie Allen, 8.32 percent

Piner, 6.10 percent

Santa Rosa, 5.41 percent

Montgomery, 5.12 percent

Maria Carrillo, 3.92 percent

 On the middle and high school campuses, there is a direct correlation between the rate of absences and the rate of poverty among students. Elsie Allen has the highest rate of student poverty among high schools in the district and it also has the higest absentee rate. Conversely, Maria Carrillo has the fewest students living in poverty and the lowest rate of abstenteeism.

The same holds true on middle school campuses: Cook has the highest rate of poverty and the highest rate of absenteeism, while Rincon Valley has the lowest rates in both categories.

Why are these numbers important, aside from the notion that every minute in the classroom counts toward a student’s education? Because according to the district, each 1 percent fluctuation in actual attendance has an impact of $837,000 on the district’s budget.