Amelia Ketzer-Dean is Santa Rosa City Schools high school student of the month for January.

Because Ketzer-Dean spent her freshman year living on St. Martin Island, she was deficient credits when she enrolled at Santa Rosa High her sophomore year. None of the credits she earned her freshman year were transferrable.

Ketzer-Dean enrolled at Grace in order to catch up on credits without sacrificing a year of schooling. In her first quarter, she earned 29 credits with a grade point average of 3.9. She has never earned less than a 3.75 grade point average and has earned 100 additional credits at Grace, according to school officials.

“Amelia is a hard worker and inspires students around her to rise to a high level of achievement,” her science teacher Jessica Lewis said in a statement.

“Amelia knew ‘Macbeth’ down to the smallest detail and could answer questions in class no one else could,” her English teacher Jay Berry said in a statement. “When I assigned a two-page story, Amelia wrote an excellent six-page story.”

Ketzer-Dean is also praised for her artistic ability and skills in graphic design. She created the design and logo of the Grace High t-shirts. Her artwork is also on display in the front office, celebrating the birthdays of each Grace student.