Brook Haven School in Sebastopol recently hosted its annual school science fair. At least one reader called in and said the projects were amazing this year.

The winners will head to the Sonoma County Science Fair on Feb. 23. That event will be held at Sonoma State University.

From science teacher Melissa Hall, here is the list of Brook Haven winners:

 8th grade:  Elena Lev, (1st), Kiana Rosen and Kaitlyn Lane (2nd), Kiara Doughty and Stephanie Lovrin (3rd)
7th grade:  Levi Brewer (1st), Shelby Edwards and Lauren Johnson (2nd), Ansel Rosso-Klakovich (3rd)
6th grade:  Isabel Housman (1st), Maki Mizutani (2nd), William St. Martin (3rd)

L to R: William St. Martin (6th), Levi Brewer (7th), Maki Mizutani (6th), Elena Lev (8th), Isabel Housman (6th), Kiana Rosen (8), Kaitlyn Lane (8th).