Casa Grande High School won the 2013 North Bay Region Academic Decathlon and took home the Sonoma County Academic Decathlon title in the same competition in Fairfield last weekend. The team is now prepping for the state competition in Sacramento March 14-18.

Team members include: Erica Yee and Jun Young Park, Max Granger, Akhil Nadendla, Daniel Carballal, Eric Singer, Laura Dion, Nathan Fritsch and Grace Sheehan. Team 2 members include Shin Mei Chan, Carol Tang, Hannah Lee, Ava Dixon, Erin Nicholson, David Fisher, Mariam Jacob, and Kelsey Matzen. Team 3 consisted of Tina Lee, Matthew Juandy, Alex Figueiredo, Jhordy Gongora, Chris Martinek, Juve Arango, Arbaaz Sohi and Joey Cauich.

Alternates to the teams included Cassidy Visco, Coleman McClelland, Anastasia Nathanson, Ken Shibata, Nathan Schultz, and Keeley Chism. The team is coached by Rick Pillsbury and Andrew Aja.

The team and its coaches and advisors are an all volunteer effort. The group is seeking donations to support their upcoming trip, including travel, entry fees and other expenses related to the state competition. Contact Deborah Yee for more information at