Cindy Rosales of Biella Elementary School is Santa Rosa City Schools student of the month for February.

Rosales is described as a stellar student with a patient streak that allows her to work well with others. She was called “creative, intelligent” and a problem solver who soaks up information.

Rosales’s fourth grade teacher Susan Fries recalled being struck by her when she was just a first grader.

“My experiences with Cindy date back to when she was a first grader and I had her brother, Tony, in fourth grade,” she said. “For every project I assigned, she would do one too. He built a Native California Indian shelter, so did she. He did a report on a California mission, so did she. He built a mission model, so did she. In first grade, at six years old, she sat through an hour-long parent meeting for my trip to the Mission. She entertained herself by writing a report about penguins. No need for direction – this little girl was very self-directed.”

Rosales is a standout soccer player and runner. She also loves animals and hopes to become a veterinarian.