Comstock Middle School’s Simran Nagi is Santa Rosa City Schools student of the month for February.

Nagi is the school’s third highest reader, with more than one million words read so far this year. Last year, she provide Indian food as a treat for the school’s top readers.

Nagi has earned a perfect 4.0 grade point average every semester she has been at Comstock.

Nagi’s advanced algebra teacher, Mary Ann Simon, said Nagi is conscientious and an excellent student.

“She is never satisfied with a grade unless it is an ‘A,’ she said. “Simran works diligently to get her assignments done on a daily basis; no matter how many after school activities she has planned. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she is an excellent role model to her peers.”

Nagi’s English teacher Ali Young said she is a model Crusader.

“Simran Nagi is a very mature, thoughtful and creative student,” she said. “She does quality academic work in English. She is always polite, caring and asks insightful questions. She exemplifies maturity and role model citizenship.”