Sixth grader Maritza Rodriguez of Luther Burbank Elementary School is Santa Rosa City Schools student of the month for March.

Described by her teachers and classmates as diligent, hardworking, brave, curious and possessing a fantastic personality, Rodriguez is active in myriad activities on the Burbank campus.

She plays the viola in the school music program, is a member of student council, a team player on the Science Olympiad squad and is a participant in the Bengals’ conflict management program.

“Martiza has such a calm nature and is an awesome role model for others in class,” said David Heaney, her fourth grade teacher.

“Maritza has been a conflict manager for two years,” said Debbi Crapeau who works with Rodriguez in the conflict management program. “I can always rely on her to do what is right. She is clearly concerned for her fellow schoolmates, and works hard to be the best she can be.”