St. John School student debaters participated in the recent Speech and Debate Tournament at St. Vincent High School in Petaluma and turned in some strong performances, according to school officials.

The focus of the debate was whether the United States government should invest more money into our current infrastructure or to invest money in jet packs and other futuristic ways of travel. 

The debate team includes: Kieran Price, Jacob Numainville, Liam Lopez, Gary Munsell, Brandon Castaneda, Steven Zichichi, Julianna Filice, Alyssa Girimonte, Bentley Barbour and Lola Plum. The students participated in the recent annual According to school officials, St. Johns finished with a third overall finish and one team went undefeated. Another two teams won three out of four contests and one student was named the ninth best debater on the day.