“A Night Under the Lights,” the annual gala fundraiser hosted by Schools Plus, pulled in $130,000 to benefit athletics, arts and drama programs in Santa Rosa City Schools’ middle and high school campuses, organizers say.

The Oct. 19 fete featured dance performances by students from Santa Rosa and Maria Carrillo high schools, music performances led by students, and a show by Elsie Allen High’s drum line. The dinner was prepared by students in Maria Carrillo’s culinary program and Montgomery High’s dance crew led guests in a flash mob performance, according to organizers.

The $130,000 pulled in is $20,000 more than the event raised last year, according to Schools Plus Board President Jeff Carniglia.

Established in 1991, Schools Plus provides annual funds to Santa Rosa City School’s middle and high schools for athletics and arts programs.

“It’s clear our community does not want to simply see our vital co-curricular educational programs maintained, we want to see these programs thrive,” Carniglia said in a statement.

For more information on Schools Plus, go to www.schoolsplus.com . “A Night Under the Lights” 2014 is scheduled for Oct. 11.