Vicky Nguyen is Santa Rosa City Schools high school student of the month for November.

The Piner High School senior is captain of both the badminton and tennis teams and she maintains a 4.47 grade point average while taking part in Piner’s Early College Magnet partnership with Santa Rosa Junior College.

“Vicky stands out by the way she carries herself and cares for others,” her honors chemistry teacher Kristi Erickson told officials in support of Nguyen. “She was the first in chemistry class to help a fellow student with difficult work and she does it gladly.”

Nguyen hopes to study biochemistry or biology and eventually become a doctor.

She told school officials she wants “to be the kind of person who can be a change in the world and help other people,” she said. “I want to give back. I don’t know how to show enough gratitude for all I have received.”