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In the Thanksgiving spirit, here is some news from Slater Middle School.

The students at Slater, under the leadership of teachers Kelly McMahon (math) and Sandi Martin (leadership and English), have spent nearly two years educating each other and the community, as well as raising funds, for a group called Free the Children.

One of the focuses of Free the Children is creating better access to clean, drinkable water in communities that are without.  In the months since hearing the pitch about Free the Children, the students and staff at Slater have raised more than $15,000 to build a school and $5,000 to build a well. Students held movie nights, community outreach and other campaigns to not only raise money but understanding of what challenges children in Kenya deal face.

Students carried water jugs around the track to get a sense of what children living in poverty endured, according to McMahon. Students also spent “a day without a desk” where in some classes they had no desks, and in some cases, no books or supplies.

“For a lot of kids…that is their life every day – literally a day without desks. Sometimes a day without school,” Free the Children’s Craig Keilburger told Slater students in a thank you message. The message was broadcast to the entire school is a rally celebrating their achievement.

The Spartans have given the students in Oleleshwa “the gift of education,” Keilburger said. “Halfway around the world, they are receiving an education, thanks to you.”

To see Keilburger’s thank you, click here http://send.freethechildren.com/G9Xry7eTeT

For more information on Free the Children and the school in Oleleshwa, cut and past this link to your browser: reports.freethechildren.com/community/allgirlssecondary