Guadalupe Toscano, a sixth grader at Monroe Elementary School, is Santa Rosa City Schools student of the month for January.

Toscano, who has been a Griffin since kindergarten, is called a smart, responsible and well-liked student.

As a kindergartner, Toscano showed a respect and love of learning, according to her teacher Diane Reyes.

Toscano was “focused and hard working,” she said.

Toscano is “quiet in class, but in small groups, classmates look up to her as a leader,” said sixth grade teacher Nikki Winovich. “She is at the top of her class academically. She has fantastic recall and comprehension when reading.” Toscano is above grade level in reading and her math skills are described as “solid.”

Toscano is credited with making smart decisions and not always going along with the crowd. She wants to go to college but is unclear on a career.