photo_3 (2)Casa Grande High School’s United Anglers group will be holding a fundraiser Nov. 1.

The Anglers have been active at Casa Grande for 32 years, learning about and raising Chinook salmon and Steelhead trout that are then released to the wild.

They also clean up streams and repair habitat for these fish in Petaluma creeks, partnering with groups like the Buck Institute and the Tiburon Salmon Institute.

Now, students are focusing on a new species of fish, the endangered Coho salmon, through a project at  Lake Sonoma. Students participate in a year-round internship where they care for thousands of baby Coho and  perform ultrasounds on adults to see how close they are to reproducing.

The nonprofit runs on donations and grants only, so the once-a-year fundraiser is all-important, organizers say.

It will begin at 5 p.m. at the Lucchesi Center on North McDowell Boulevard. Tickets are $10.00 and include a pasta feed. There will also be a silent auction and wine room. To buy tickets, call 778-4703.