Eighty-one schools throughout the county received grants of up to $300 this month from the John Jordan Foundation’s Teacher’s Wishes program.

In total, the foundation handed out about $29,000 to fund projects ranging the creation of a rainwater catchment system at a Sebastopol school to a family game night at Santa Rosa’s James Monroe Elementary.

The grants will impact about 10,000 students across 28 districts, estimated Lisa Wittke Schaffner, executive director of the foundation.  They’ll help fund  in-classroom libraries, supplemental reading materials, transportation and technology.

At Sebastopol’s SunRidge Charter School, the money will go toward purchasing a 3,000-gallon water tank that will capture rain falling off the school’s roof, where it can be stored and used for irrigating the school garden. The project will help teach about water conservation during the drought, according to the application.

At James Monroe Elementary, the money will go to purchase card, dice and board games that can be used at a family game night to teach strategy and higher-level thinking, as well as math skills.