UPDATED: Want to run for SRCS school board? Hurry.

UPDATE: I spoke with Santa Rosa Teachers Assocation president Andy Brennan about the election and he said it's his guess that the race will draw no other takers and that the four who have filed will be the four elected. "As a social studies teacher, I think elections are good [...]

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Filing open now for Nov. school board races

November may seem like a long way off, but those interested in running for school board in the fall can begin filing paperwork today. The deadline for filing is Aug. 10 unless one of the incumbents does not file, in which case there is a five day extension for all [...]

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New school board assignments scheduled

A little inside baseball news from the Santa Rosa School Board for anyone interested: new committee and school liaison assignments are being settled for the 2012 calendar year at the board’s regular meeting Wednesday night. The following assignments are proposed: President Larry Haenel: Teacher advisory committee (chair); Green Team Advisory [...]

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New committee assignments in SRCS

Interested in the inner workings of the Santa Rosa City School Board? Look no further. Here are the new committee assignments for board members: Facilities Advisory Committee: Chair: Laura Gonzalez. Members: Donna Jeye, Frank Pugh. Alternate: Tad Wakefield District Finance and Special Projects Advisory Subcommittee: Chair: Bill Carle. Members: Donna [...]

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Unusual split vote on routine post picks

An unusual note was struck at the conclusion of Wednesday night’s Santa Rosa school board meeting during the usually routine, end of year board re-organization item. It’s typical to re-assign board members to new posts at the conclusion of the year, what is a little less usual is the split vote [...]

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Pugh calls out Carrillo’s P.E. waiver numbers

The discussion item related to Santa Rosa City Schools independent P.E. program had board members atwitter Wednesday night. The disparity between which school’s students apply for an individualized phys ed program, thereby bypassing gym requirements on campus, struck a nerve with a few board members. The numbers? 105 Maria Carrillo [...]

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Wakefield calls Elsie, Piner out for test scores

Santa Rosa School Board member Tad Wakefield called out Elsie Allen and Piner high schools Wednesday night for what he called their “abysmal” scores in the English language arts section of the STAR test. At Wednesday night’s board meeting, Wakefield said Elsie Allen’s junior class score of 27 percent of [...]

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UPDATED: Wakefield pulls back support of parcel tax, says voters are fed up

UPDATE: For reference, here is the link to a story that appeared in Wednesday's Press Democrat about the situation with the CSBA: http://www.pressdemocrat.com/article/20100727/ARTICLES/100729527 ________________ The fallout from the recent scandal at the California School Boards Association has what looks like its first local victim: unanimous support for a proposed parcel tax [...]

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SR School Board: More cuts are coming

The Santa Rosa School Board finalized $5.6 million in cuts to next school year’s $88 million budget but members warned that the entire list of line item cuts will be revisited – in as early as May when the state revised budget is released. “I’m open to more cuts at [...]

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New leadership positions on Santa Rosa board

Heading into January when board members will likely make decisions on approximately $5.6 million in cuts beginning in the 2010-11 school year, (with the prospect of $4.7 million more for 2011-12), the Santa Rosa School Board has appointed new officers for the upcoming year. Bill Carle is president, Frank Pugh [...]

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