Rebecca Lofton, a former teacher at San Antonio High School in Petaluma, will take over as principal next fall as Rusty Sims retires, Petaluma City Schools district officials said.

Lofton will serve as principal of San Antonio and Valley Oaks, both alternative schools. San Antonio is the main continuation school for Petaluma, serving about 90 students who have fallen behind in credits or require smaller class sizes for other reasons. Valley Oaks is an independent study school where about 60 students check in on a weekly basis with teachers but do the majority of work elsewhere. The schools are located on the same campus.

For the last two years, Lofton was principal at Crossroads Community School, also an alternative education school in Petaluma. There, she worked with other alternative education principals to “develop a district wide vision and best practices for alternative education students,” said Director of Human Resources Ron Everett in a press release issued by the school district.

Before that, she taught social science at San Antonio, and prior to that she taught at Petaluma High School.

“Becky is excited to return to San Antonio High School and continue to meet the unique needs of students in an alternative school setting,” said Everett “Becky also welcomes the challenge of adding Valley Oaks to her responsibilities. She is passionate and dedicated to alternative education and is thrilled that she will be able to continue where she learned to work with these students and staff.”







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