Lauren Berry inside the BookmobilePicture 2Picture 3Picture 4Picture 5Maria Carrillo High School students collected just shy of 1,400 books for the Sonoma County Bookmobile. The books were donated Wednesday.

Led by Carrillo leadership students Lauren Berry and Kevin Niles, students brought in books for both adults and children to support the program.

“These students have shown a dedication to community service with their efforts and I hope this real-world experience will inspire them to keep getting involved in the future,” said Bookmobile director Glen Weaver. “We are delighted to pass along the books they’ve collected to families and seniors across the county.”

The Bookmobile has given away more than 2,800 books to 193 children and 531 adults and seniors in its first 16 events, Weaver said. The program launched in July.

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