Kenilworth Junior High School, in Petaluma, has a new interim principal after Emily Dunnagan stepped down to take the reins at Grant Elementary, also in Petaluma.

Bennett Holley, assistant principal at the school for the last year, will take over as interim principal. The school district was unable to find a good fit for principal when interviewing for the position, said the district’s director of human relations, Ron Everett. So they appointed Holley to take charge for the 2014-15 school year in a sort of extended interview.

Holley was assistant principal at Petaluma High School for three years before coming to Kenilworth. He’s also taught at Petaluma High School for five years, instructing students in physical education and sports medicine. He also taught the Human Interaction class at Casa Grande.

“Bennett’s experience as a teacher-leader and administrator has provided him experience in working and developing rapport with the entire school community,” Everett said.

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